Information about the company 

The Kalinpex LLC was registered in the National Court Register in 1990 in Mikolow Poland. We specializein mechanical working ofall kinds of metals, machining, cutting and bending of numerically controlled machines as well asconventional machines. We make complex service in welding technology and powder varnishing. We provide professional technological and constructional consulting.

We have had ISO 9001:2008 Certificate since 2012 “Manufacturing of metal products including parts and subassemblies for the automotive industry. Services in CNC machining.” and PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2007 Certificate. 

Our long experience and permanent improvement of quality of our products allows us to realize all contracts. A wide range of services offered by our company allows us to cooperate with national and foreign customers. We developed our own quality assurance system based on the awareness of each employee as to his role to maintain product quality. Weare characterized bysuch features as competence, creativity, diligence, honesty as well as professional and friendly approach to customers.

Quality policy

Our primary goal is to satisfy customer requirements by providing them with high quality of products to machinery and equipment as well as realization of services in machining range all types of metal.
To achieve our goal we adopted long term development policy with particular emphasis on the development of staff competence, so that everyone will feel responsible for the role that they have to meet in the Kalinpex LLC company.
Through the consistent quality policy we want to strengthen our market position.

Objectives of the company

  • continually improving our services and products that will meet the expectations of increasingly demanding customers with ensuring their complexity
  • shaping the beliefs that each employee is responsible for the quality, image and brand of the firm
  • regular improvement of the technical base
  • regular improvement of staff skills and awareness of the employees
  • continuous improvement of the working environment and infrastructure 

Kalinpex Sp. z o.o. ul. CHOPINA 15 43-170 LAZISKA GORNE POLAND tel./fax. +48 (032) 738-36-69 e-mail: